Thursday, May 3, 2012

Welcome, and publishing progress for the start of May 2012

First, let me welcome you to the blog for God Doesn't; We Do. You, of course, are the reason that I've written the book, and you are the reason I will be writing and maintaining this blog.

My intention with this first post is not to blast anyone with information, but rather just to make clear the position that I am in with regard to publishing. Currently, the book is going through its last round of copy editing, to ensure high quality and clarity, and I refuse to publish it a minute before it is ready. I also endeavor to get it published as soon as is reasonably possible, early this summer. This is an achievable goal.

The book is slated to be self-published, and this is entirely by choice. The reasons will be detailed below the fold.

Currently, the copy-editors are running a very careful comb through Chapter 6 (of 11) and making steady progress. It's an exciting process and an exciting time, but it is a process that requires detail, thought, and care, so it is not one of instant gratification. I appreciate everyone's interest and continued patience and expect they will find it well worth the wait.

I've chosen to self-publish God Doesn't specifically because I feel that it is the direction that publication will take in the future. Technology is changing the landscape of publishing, and it will enable authors (and other creative talent) to put themselves out into the marketplace like never before. I want to be part of that future, an early adopter, even if it makes more effort for me up front in being my own publicist and having to hire my own team of editors, etc.

I feel that the day is not far off when traditional print publishers will have to reverse their thinking and look to the self-publishing market to find the best talent, returning the system to publishers seeking authors instead of authors seeking publishers. This will ensure the best foundation for the relationship between authors and publishers.

I am also currently a huge fan of the publish-on-demand (or print-on-demand, or produce-on-demand, generally POD) approach to publishing. We are not constrained by technological limitations now as we were in the past, and so publishing small runs of works, meeting short-term expected demand, is not nearly so challenging as it was a few decades ago. This, overall, has the beneficial effect of being able to reduce waste while providing wide opportunities. Those are the reasons that led me to turn down an offer from a publishing house and to pursue self-publishing instead of the traditional route.

That said, I look forward to getting the book to market and into your hands!

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