Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kindle edition of God Doesn't; We Do now on sale

From now until the end of 2012, the Kindle edition of God Doesn't; We Do is on sale for $3.99 (56% off the usual Kindle price of $8.99).

For more information about the book, check out my The Book page.

Here's a thoughtful review left on Amazon by a reader:
James has placed the god of monotheism under the microscope of reason, as well as on issues of politics and ethics, and in so doing has breathed new life into the largest argument - or elephant in the room - that the people of world have still yet to properly tackle.
Aimed more at those with their own questions concerning one or other of the extant monotheistic faiths, James has answered the need for a fine grain look at what it is to believe or not believe. Drawing from ancient, contemporary and of course his own works, the author elucidates on more of the nuances of the argument than any other author I have read to date. Not just a book of nay-saying, being a charge often proffered, James has honestly outlined and expounded upon a great deal of agnostic/atheist thought. Discussing principles and cultural tides and morals that, though not always explicitly to do with gods, axiomatically flow from the the burgeoning free-thought and sceptical communities the world over. Thoroughly recommended.

Get it now (with my many thanks and kindest appreciation). I'd love your honest reviews too, if you're willing.

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