Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why Orion?

I got asked recently why I put a picture of the constellation Orion on the cover of my first book, God Doesn't; We Do. I guess that's a good question that I've never bothered to answer for anyone (particularly, you won't find out by reading the book).

There it is. Orion on the cover of God Doesn't; We Do.

Orion is a symbol. In the old myths, the gods put the heroes, among other things, in the night sky as constellations. Obviously, this is not the real state of affairs since constellations are apparent arrangements of stars. The stars are so far away that they appear to be two-dimensional arrangements that can be interpreted, with some imagination, as indications of pictures. Orion is the imagined image of a man applied to a particular and recognizable set of stars.

I chose to put Orion on the cover of God Doesn't; We Do in homage to the idea that no god did anything of this kind. People put the idea of Orion upon the appearance of stars that only coincidentally form that pattern in our night sky. Interestingly, we all know that now about Orion, dismissing the old myths as casually as we should dismiss our own.

God doesn't; we do. Orion was, for me, a symbolic theme of that idea.

For those curious, that drawing on the cover was done by hand (or rather, by mouse) by me. My obvious lack of digital art skill turns out to be both apparent and part of the reason I chose this design in the first place (I could make a blue/black gradient all by myself). The entire cover design was my own, which might have been a mistake.

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