Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dot, Dot, Dot got a foreword and a facelift

It's been a very exciting past few weeks, and now seems like a good time to share that. All of this excitement centers upon my upcoming (soon!) book, Dot, Dot, Dot: Infinity Plus God Equals Folly. I know some of you are probably thinking that I had hoped to get it out sometime near the end of June, but a few interesting twists and turns popped up--and it seems well worth it.

It all started with a blurb. Since I didn't want the blurb to exist in a vacuum, I started asking around for another. That led to a small press picking up the title--Onus Books. Of course, that meant going through a real copy-editing process, which was already great, though a bit time consuming. The next thing I knew, my wonderful publisher Jonathan MS Pearce had managed to get in contact with bestselling author and physicist Victor Stenger, who has graciously agreed to write a foreword for the book.

Well, that led to a real facelift for the book, which has essentially been rewritten in full into an actual book instead of a collection of essays. The themes are the same, and now the presentation is vastly better.

We're in a final proofing stage now and then will tidy up and nail down the cover. Hopefully I'm not off target in tentatively saying it should be available within a few weeks, so keep your eyes open for it! I hope you're as excited as I am!

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