Monday, November 18, 2013

Dot, Dot, Dot now available in paperback

My second book, Dot, Dot, Dot: Infinity Plus God Equals Folly is now available both in Kindle and in paperback. This post is intended simply to announce that fact, and so I won't bother with a long description of the book. For that, see my previous post about Dot, Dot, Dot, published when the Kindle edition came out.
Dot, Dot, Dot: Infinity Plus God Equals Folly, James A. Lindsay, PhD, with foreword by Victor Stenger

From the stylish back cover (you can see it on Amazon):
Infinity and God have been close bedfellows over the recent millennia of human thought. But this is James A. Lindsay's point. These two ideas are thought, mere concepts. Lindsay shows in a concise and readable manner that infinity is an abstraction, and shows that, in all likelihood, so is God, particularly if he has infinite properties.

This book is about math. It is about God. It is about stressing the importance of not confusing these two ideas with reality. Never the twain shall meet.

"A short and engaging read on the meeting of two huge ideas, infinity and God, that leaves us seeing both as abstract notions that may have nothing to do with reality. Honest and accessible, Dot, Dot, Dot is a great little book to stretch your thinking." - Peter Boghossian, author of A Manual for Creating Atheists

"Timely, important and very readable, this book pulls the rug from under theists' feet." - Jonathan MS Pearce, The Little Book of Unholy Questions

"Read this to avoid making any more cardinal sins and learn how much math is an amazing human endeavor." - Aaron Adair, PhD, The Star of Bethlehem: A Skeptical View
The paperback edition is 218 pages, including a full bibliography, glossary of math-specific terminology, and suggested reading, and it needs your glowing (read: honest) reviews, so check it out!

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